Landscaping Design and Development in Connecticut

With new grass, shrubbery, and walkways, landscaping revitalizes your property’s appearance. When increasing property value and improving curb appeal are your goals, it becomes essential. However, how your Connecticut grounds are landscaped goes far beyond aesthetic qualities.

For one, the landscape’s shape directly influences how water drains and flows. The right design prevents pooling and subsequently attracting insects – or, worse, flooding.

Two, greenery offers an environmental benefit – especially if your home’s located in the city. Grass, trees, and shrubs absorb dust and pollutants, give much-desired shade in the summer, take in carbon dioxide, and release oxygen. On top of this, opened, well-manicured, and optimally-planned green space provides ample room for recreation and outdoor entertainment.

To achieve these goals, landscaping is a multifaceted process. Through SM Lawn Care & Landscaping, address the architectural qualities and functionality through planting, where paths are placed, navigation, lighting, and custom construction. From the start to completion, our experienced technicians develop a plan tailored to your needs, thoroughly clean up all materials, and work with residential and commercial properties. After the initial project, work with us for seasonal maintenance to ensure your home and grounds continue to look and function their best.

We provide a creative and professional approach to designing the exterior of your property. Every project is customized to our client’s unique and individual requests. We’ll walk your entire property with you and discuss creative options for every inch of available space. We will lay out a plan that meets your needs and respects your budget.

Services include:

  • Complete Landscape Design
  • Landscape Installation
  • Lawn Installation, including Hydro-Seeding
  • Walkway Design and Installation
  • Patio Design and Installation
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Mulching and Seeding Services
  • Stone Delivery and Implementation
  • Mowing, Fertilizing, Planting, and Pruning
  • Tree Maintenance and Removal
  • Aeration and Over-seeding
  • Masonry for Steps, Walkways, Patios, and Walls

We’re licensed and fully insured for our customers’ protection, and we offer a 1-year guarantee on installation for landscape and shrubbery.

Contact SM Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC today at 860-628-0603, or browse the website for more information about our Lawn Maintenance Services or Patio/Walkway Installations.