Patio & Walkway Construction & Installation

An attractive entryway and outdoor entertainment space give your Connecticut property an inviting character. Yet, a poor design or years of wear and tear detract from your landscape’s potential – be it simply a bright, open appearance or adding curb appeal.

To construct something entirely new or to build and improve upon what’s already there, work with SM Lawn Care & Landscaping.

Patios and walkways are custom designed to your specifications, with many possibilities, depending upon your vision:

  • Paths and sideways in an array of shapes
  • Multi-level patios
  • Elevated or ground-level structures
  • Stadium-style stairs
  • Rails
  • Integrated seating
  • Grilling areas
  • Hot tub or spa installation
  • Add screening, fire pits, and lighting fixtures
  • Improving visibility

Projects start with a consultation. Discuss with our skilled technicians your plans, ideas, and needs. From there, we’ll touch on materials, how a patio or walkway will match and integrate with your home, and which products suit your vision and fit within your budget. After, a detailed scaled drawing provides a preview before we begin construction.

WallFor this type of hardscape installation, an array of materials is available:

  • Finished and sealed woods
  • Natural stone
  • Concrete
  • Clay pavers
  • Granite

Patio and walkway projects don’t end as soon as the feature’s built. Regular maintenance keeps up its appearance and protects it from pests. Count on our experienced team to:

  • Thoroughly clean and preserve the deck and patio
  • Accent and preserve the color and texture of your walkway
  • Consider how the surrounding lawn and shrubbery interact with your patio and walkway
  • Maintain lighting

Expand, improve, or revitalize your Connecticut home or commercial property with walkways, sidewalks, decks, and patios. To start your plan, contact SM Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC today at 860-628-0603, or browse the website for more information.