Trucking and Hauling Services in CT

SM Trucking is the newest branch of the SM Lawn Care family. Since 1998, our trucking service has taken care of your heavy hauling needs, including soil, rocks, ground cover, lumber, and other large building and landscaping materials. We offer hauling services for residential, commercial, state, and municipal projects.

No matter if you’re renovating your landscape in spring or requesting snow plowing in winter, materials have to be managed and removed. Because our team prides itself on quality and professionalism, each job begins with us bringing in the right gravel, sand, top soil, or dirt and ends with picking up and removing leaves, excavation materials, or other debris. Depending upon the degree of the project, we assist with tree removal, brush clean up, construction, and adding fill dirt.

With SM Trucking, expect:

  • High-quality trucks for hauling
  • Safe and efficient services
  • Ability to haul multiple yards at once
  • CDL-licensed drivers
  • Regular safety inspections
  • Compliance with local load and truck standards
  • Ability to handle off-road and hard-to-access areas
  • A fleet of drivers ready to assist with large and small landscaping projects

Ensure your project starts with the right materials, and ends with a clean, professional finish. To discuss trucking and hauling options throughout the year, contact SM Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC today at 860-628-0603, or browse the website for more information.